Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow without the mess!

While I may like snowflakes on my eyelashes, not everyone does. So the Concordia Christmas Lighting Committee came up with an idea that gives shoppers a special treat; snow without the mess!
Not only do we have snowflakes hanging from the streetlights, this year shoppers are greeted with floating snowflakes on the corner of Broadway & 6th. If you haven't seen them, make sure you head downtown this week in the evening. Thursday evenings the shops are open late!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Car on the move!

If you were driving down 6th St. or Broadway St. this afternoon you may have been wondering what was going on. A trailer holding "precious cargo" along with Peltier's crane and large fork lift slowly made its way from 300 Washington St. to 635 Broadway before heading down the alley. Today was moving day for the National Orphan Train Museum's dining car.
Thankfully, Peltier's are masters at moving large objects down bumpy, crowded, small spaces! We all stood around watching in awe as they maneuvered the old passenger car down the alley then turned it to go into the Cloud County Museum's back door. A collective gasp from bystanders could be heard as the car literally hung in the air as it made the last turn. Kudos to Peltier's! Loads of patience, a mastery of physics, a great deal of math, mixed with a bit of luck made for a smooth journey for the dining car.
Lisa Guerra, Cloud County Historical Museum curator, welcomed both the National Orphan Train Museum passenger car and curator Muriel Anderson. The passenger car will temporarily be residing inside the Museum during its restoration where onlookers can watch the progress from the floor above. When the restoration is complete it will be returned to its home at the National Orphan Train Museum Complex.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sprucing Up Downtown Concordia!

Another downtown Concordia building is getting a much needed facelift!
Work on the front of the "Neighbor to Neighbor" building, a project of the Sisters of St. Joseph, is underway today. How exciting!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Musketeers Stop For A Visit!

While traveling down the dirty, (soggy) roads of rural Kansas, a rowdy bunch of Kansas Explorers are working their way across the state to Valley Falls. Today we were honored with a visit from this eclectic group who proudly call themselves the Kansas Frontier Gazetteer Musketeers. (They have matching shirts to erase all doubts that they are a together, just in case). General Director, Princess Pee, Commodore Bacon, and Count de Ice Cream, accompanied by Harpo, the Septarian of the Hills, swooped in for a few brief moments in search of a crown and septor.
While checking out the Cloud County Museum Annex, Harpo insisted on weighing himself on the antique scale, then spied a POW Camp Concordia likeness on a rock he just had to have in the Cloud County Tourism Gift Shop.
Keep an eye out in case you are lucky enough to spy the Musketeers on their journey. We hear they are out geocaching along the way.