Thursday, May 31, 2012

Concordia Glows at Night!

There is a new glow in town!

Tired, drab, out of date, and a bit run down used to be how we described downtown Concordia.  Then, over the past few years we have watched a transformation. A group of retailers began to lead the movement to revitalize the downtown not by forming a committee, but with paint brushes in hand and designer friends on speed dial. The result is a fresh new historical look.

While new and historical seem to be opposites, the combination works. Retailers are working with their buildings' unique architectural details and accenting them with new colors, techniques and 'vintage' signage.
One of the newest additions, Threads For Him, is adding a unique mix of color to the downtown city lights.  Take a cruise down main street, or in our case Sixth Street, at night and check out the emerging 'cityscape'.
I can hardly wait to see what's next.