Monday, January 18, 2010

The Musketeers Stop For A Visit!

While traveling down the dirty, (soggy) roads of rural Kansas, a rowdy bunch of Kansas Explorers are working their way across the state to Valley Falls. Today we were honored with a visit from this eclectic group who proudly call themselves the Kansas Frontier Gazetteer Musketeers. (They have matching shirts to erase all doubts that they are a together, just in case). General Director, Princess Pee, Commodore Bacon, and Count de Ice Cream, accompanied by Harpo, the Septarian of the Hills, swooped in for a few brief moments in search of a crown and septor.
While checking out the Cloud County Museum Annex, Harpo insisted on weighing himself on the antique scale, then spied a POW Camp Concordia likeness on a rock he just had to have in the Cloud County Tourism Gift Shop.
Keep an eye out in case you are lucky enough to spy the Musketeers on their journey. We hear they are out geocaching along the way.