Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the beginning of 2011.  I just realized that the month is already one third of the way over and I have already broken my New Year Resolution!  This year I vowed to do better in keeping up with my "To Do" list, be nicer, and sign up for another "Year of Peace".  So far the only thing I've managed to do is sign up to keep a "Year of Peace".  My 'To Do" list is two pages long and I broke the "be nicer" vow when I spouted off to a negative person droning on and on about something trivial last week.
From now on I am going to treat every Monday like the beginning of the New Year.  Instead of a "New Year" resolution, it will be a "New Week" resolution.  Maybe that I can handle!
Happy New Week,